Ex-TG ZonesS was established in 2015 founded by Manggau Galawing
Ex-TG Zones Group of Comapnies were established in 2015. Our main activities including electrical works, supplies of materials, services, consutancy and training. 

Ex-TG Zones Industries
Dealing with Electrical Works, Import & Supply of Electrical and Electronic equipment.

Electrical Works involved:-
Electrical Wiring Installation, Cable laying & external works, High Voltage electrical engineering works, Design of electrical wiring, Carry out electrical construction, maintenance, repair and rectification work on all electrical wiring, electrical system, electrical equipment and electrical appliances

Import & Supply of Electrical and Electronic equipment involved:-
Import  of electrical and electronic equipment, Supply of electrical, instrument and electronic equipment, components and accessories, Supply of certified (Ex) equipment, components and accessories for used in Hazardous Areas, Authorized Agent/Distributer of certified (Ex) equipment, components and accessories for used in Hazardous Areas, Authorized Agent/Distributer of electrical, instrument and electronic equipment.

Ex-TG Zones Consultant & Services
Provide Consultant Engineering Services; Technical Inspection & Testing Services; Engineering and Technical Services and Technical & Vocational Training and Educational Services.

Training involves:-
- Ex-Training, IECEx CoPC Related Training, General Ex-Training, Non-Electrical Ex-Training, Introduction to Ex-equipment
- Technical Training involved Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Operations.
- General Training involved specific training need by buissness partners

- HSSE Training 

- Electrical Safety Rules, General Electrical Safety & Tools.

Services Involves:-
- General Services, General Ex-Inspection, IECEx Project Compliance, Ex-Design review, Ex-Commissioning & Testing, Ex-Audit, FAT for Ex-equipment, system and packages, FAT for Electrical Equipment & System.
- Prepare Training programs/packages to meet staff knowledge and skill need, staff uskilling and competency programs/standards..
- IECEx Project Compliance Verification, including Hazardours Area Drawing & Reports
- Ex-Equipment Unit Verification
Advisor Involves:-
Part of your advisory team, Review of project drawing to comply with Ex-Equipment, Review of material lists, Review Ex-Competency Program, Review maintenance & inspection program.

Expert Involves:-
Part of Project Expert team, Prepare Technician Competencies, Prepare maintenance & inspection programs and checklists, OJT Program.